Members of the Grain Industry Association of SA include grain traders, grain exporters, storage providers, freight and transport, grower organisations and other related businesses in the grain trading and supply chain.

A South Australian network of grain industry businesses promoting an efficient and commercially active grain Industry.

Industry Representation - The Grain Industry Association of SA represents members interests in discussions with Government Ministers, Government Agencies, related Grain, Storage, Transport and Grain Grower organisations. The Association has presented submissions to government and industry inquiries and is regarded as the voice for the grain trading industry in SA

Local Meetings / Local Networks - The Association is an excellent networking forum for businesses in the grain industry with regular meetings, providing an opportunity for members to exchange views on matters effecting their business interests. Some site visits and other networking activities are arranged.

Part of a National Network - GTA
The Association is affiliated with Grain Trade Australia (GTA) a national peak industry body.
GTA was formed in 1991 to formalise commodity trading standards, develop and publish the trade rules and standardise grain contracts across the Australian grain industry. GTA's role today is to ensure the efficient facilitation of commercial activities across the grain supply chain.
(It is recommended to all GIA SA members that they also join the national body - Grain Trade Australia (GTA). Membership information is provided on the web site

Keeping up to date with Legislation / Regulations
Members are kept up to date with state and national regulations and policy requirements as they apply to the grain industry.

Promoting Member Businesses
One of the roles of GIA SA is to promote member businesses and the products and services they provide.

National Grain Industry Standards, Contracts, Trade Rules and Industry Codes
Through its affiliation with Grain Trade Australia and as individual members of the national body members have access to all of the industry’s standards, rules and codes.

Professional Development
The association promotes active participation in the GTA Professional Development Program, an extensive industry specific educational program developed by industry experts to meet the needs of member businesses.

The Association Web Site is a promotional tool for members and is a source of information on current issues facing the grain industry.

Business Information
Association members can obtain assistance with general business information and links to other business networks and industry bodies.

For additional information on member benefits and how to join GIA SA contact 

GIA SA Chairman
Ben Noll 

Mobile: 0418 905 263